Love Letters to Boston

Lighting a two-camera interview with my new Intellytech FL-80 LED flex lights.


From March 2017, how I used to have to set up lights for a two-camera interview, using heavier fluorescent lights

Bloomberg TV is sponsoring Boston's July 4th fireworks for the next three years.

I've been shooting a series of packages for Bloomberg TV for the 4th of July. The working title is "Love Letters to Boston." This one was shot at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

They will be shown on the Esplanade during the commercial breaks during the July 4th concert. They will also eventually be broadcast worldwide, and on the Web. We've done ones on education, medicine and medical technology. Now we're working on one about the history of sports and the fans in Boston.

I've also been wanting to show off my new Intellytech FL-80 LED flex lights. They're the same size as the inside of my four bank fluorescent lights. However, they're just a piece of material with the LEDs attached, held up by a spring frame. They're so light weight that I just need aluminum boom stands to fly them for two camera interviews. They're also bicolor so, no more changing bulbs! They are a little fiddly to put together, but I like that they're much smaller, lighter, and safer to work with than my the fluorescent lights I was using before.