Fuel Up to Play 60 Promo Shoot

On November 2nd, I worked on a promo for Fuel Up to Play 60, a program created by a partnership between the NFL and the National Dairy Council.

Yay milk!

I got to shoot the really nice Devin McCourty, of the New England Patriots, while he goofed around with students at the Edward A. Ricci Middle School in North Providence, RI. 

It was a fun day. You can read more about it in this piece on the Patriots' website:

Devin McCourty and Providence students promote healthy lifestyles

Here are some shots of me in action, taken by Fritz Gerald Ceriales:


Special Flight for Marathon Bombing Survivors

I've been working with Break Thru Films on an HBO documentary about the Marathon bombing, so when survivors Celeste & Sydney Corcoran were invited by Air National Guard Lt. Col. John Klatt to take a special flight with the National GuardI was lucky enough to be brought along to film the excitement.

Boston Globe staff photographer, John Tlumacki, got some great shots of the event. Among these were a few of me filming, which I thought I would pass along here.

I love my job.

Covering the Tsarnaev Trial

I've spent several days over the course of the last couple of months shooting the scene outside the Moakley Courthouse, including some live shots for NBC affiliates across the harbor at the Boston Harbor Hotel (it has excellent views).

I shot outside the courthouse for a documentary being made for HBO by Break Thru Films about the Marathon bombings.

It's been interesting work.

Super Bowl Victory Parade!!!

Taken by  Jen Deaderick  from the TV at  Shake Shack  in Harvard Square.

Taken by Jen Deaderick from the TV at Shake Shack in Harvard Square.

I was thrilled to be hired by the Patriots to ride a Duck Boat in the 2015 Super Bowl Victory Parade, and shoot the action as we rolled through the snowy (VERY SNOWY) streets of Boston. My boat was the front boat, and I spent most of the shoot standing next to Tom Brady.

There was a lot of excitement directed his way, as you might imagine, so being next to him was pretty fun.

And everyone I know saw me, whether they were at the parade, or watching on TV. Some of them snapped some pictures.

Show & Tell Day

That's Walter Leflet in the background who started  AAdyntech . Thanks for changing our industry Walter!

That's Walter Leflet in the background who started AAdyntech. Thanks for changing our industry Walter!

Yesterday was "show and tell" day in Boston.

In the morning, I went to the Varicam demo' at Rule Boston Camera.

In the evening I went to the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) meeting to see a demonstration of new ENG technology, including the new AAdyntech Hurricane Junior PAR. This relatively tiny LED light allegedly has the output of a 400 W HMI, and it's weather proof!