• Sony FS7 M2 with built-in variable ND filter & eight hours of recoding media at 4K.
  • Sony a6500 mirrorless DSLR which shoots 4K, S-Log, and regular HD
  • Canon C300 HD camcorder with Zacuto hand held rig, four batteries, many CF cards
  • Canon 5D Mark iii with four batteries and CF cards.
  • Lenses: 

    24-105 f4 with macro, 24-70 mm f 2.8, 70-200 f 2.8, 17-55 mm f 2.8, 11-16 mm f 2.8, Sigma 18-35 mm f 1.8, and a 2X teleconverter.

    50 mm f 1.2, 85 mm f 1.2, 100 mm f 2, 135 mm f 1.2, and a 28 mm f 2.5 

  • Sony EX3 XDHD NTSC & PAL camcorder with Macie standard picture profiles, three long life batteries, zoom remote, and Kata rain coat.
  • Two 32GB SxS cards, and one 8GB SxS card for almost four hours of continuous HD recording before needing to clear a card. More available upon request.
  • GoPro Hero 5 with LCD video back and various accessories.
  • Sony BVW-D600 Betacam SP camcorder with Fujinon 20 x 8 lens with 2X extender, Century Optics wide angle adapter, Macie set up, and rain cover.
  • Panasonic DVX-100A three 1/3” chip DV camcorder, with wide angle adapter lens, and three long life batteries.
  • JVC GY-DV500 three ½” chip DV camcorder and rain cover.
  • Four Anton Bauer Pro Pac 14 batteries.
  • 12 V camera power supply.
  • Sachtler 18p tripod with 2 stage graphite Speed Lock legs for quick set ups.
  • Sachtler 14ii tripod.
  • Bogen Monopod

  • Edelkrone medium slider

  • Bogen shoes on everything for quick changes between devices