Shooting for The  Pike Electric Corporation .

Shooting for The Pike Electric Corporation.

Corporate videos have to grab people quickly, and are generally aimed at an audiences that are targeted and specific. 

Used for training, sales or recruiting purposes, they require a clear narrative structure, and enticing imagery.


Porsche Westwood

I was the DP on this promotional video for Porsche Westwood, a local dealership. They didn’t let me take one home, sadly, but it was lots of fun to look at all the pretty cars.

ITN Productions

Shot for ITN Productions at the Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis, MA. This is a piece about the school's participation in the “International Baccalaureate for All” high school curriculum.

You can read more about the shoot in my blog post about it.

Combat Maxum

This is a video I DP'd in February 2015 for Combat Sports Group's launch of their MAXUM bat.

I was in charge of the lighting, slow motion camera work, interview, and some other stuff. The other angles of the batting in real time, the producer set up a couple of his cameras to get some different angles. I haven't gotten to play with slo mo' a lot, so this was fun.


I spent a week shooting short ENG style videos at SIBOS, the major international banking convention, in 2014. Most of the stories we did were about the banks that were there and why. This one is about all the coffee that was being served and consumed. I had noticed that many of the booths had elaborate coffee bars which clearly attracted the attendees to them. The better the coffee, the more people who went to the booth. The ones that just had a thermos of coffee and some styrofoam cups were dead. I pointed it out to the producer I was working with, and it eventually turned in to this package.


I've shot over forty videos for Mad Dash E-Media. The look and feel is very different from other examples of my work.

Among my work for them are videos for Penn National Gaming (shown at left), North Kansas City Hospital, and Waste Management.

Some of the interviews in these videos were done in front of a green screen, other on-site. The B-roll is shot very run n' gun, mostly hand held.


I was the DP of this web ad for Puma. We had a small army of PAs, a gaffer, grips, etc, to help. It was shot in a studio at High Output.