Shooting at MIT for ITN with  Janet Wu  — ©2016  Daniel Jacobs

Shooting at MIT for ITN with Janet Wu — ©2016 Daniel Jacobs

People I Have Shot

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Video I have shot

I've worked in TV and video production since 1995.  

Since 2005, I've been a freelance D.P. (Director of Photography - i.e. cameraman) based in Boston. Previously, I worked in news, where I learned to work fast, light when necessary, and shoot for the edit.

My career has given me a wide range of hands-on experience in many aspects of video production. My specialties: DP, lighting cameraman, shooting video, lighting, ENG audio, linear and nonlinear video editing, field producing, still photography.

I love working with Brian Henderson. A great friend, an amazing videographer - and more.
— Tim Estiloz, entertainment reporter

I've shot all kinds of projects including documentaries; network programs and news; live shots; travel, home improvement, reality, fishing, and cooking shows; as well as surgeries; corporate videos; and multi-camera events. I also work as a field audio technician. 

Note that I can light and shoot for many different styles. Often I do all the camera work, lighting, and sound while working with a producer.

I am comfortable working as a one man band, in a small crew, or with a large group. I am familiar with nearly every camera available from high end full-size broadcast HD cameras to DSLRs and HD palm-corders. 

I'm available with or without my own gear. 

Work Examples


I'm happy to travel. I have shot in most states of the USA and in various countries around the world.

  • In August of 2011, I recorded all of the location sound for an independent short film in Haiti.

  • In January of 2010, I traveled to Guatemala to DP a pilot for Wayfarer.TV, a reality style travel show for teens.

  • In 2009, I visited Nairobi, Kenya to help teach a class on video production to slum residents, and to produce & shoot a film about a hospital in Kaimosi.

  • In 2006, I traveled to Uganda to make videos for NGOs.

I've also traveled in China, Tanzania, Jamaica, and Europe.

Earlier in my career, I spent nearly five years working in CNN's headquarters in Atlanta primarily as a video editor and field audio technician. I learned my lighting skills from some of their most senior photographers.

After that, I moved on to Hartford, CT (market 27) where I was a photojournalist and live truck operator for the award winning WTIC Fox 61 News at 10 for three years.

I always bring along my can-do attitude.


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