Gear Geek

I get a little excited about fun new gear.

This tiny little thing is the Fujinon 18-55 mm T 2.9 "Cinema" zoom lens. For those of you familiar with their Cabrio lenses, its about 1/3 the size, 1/10th the weight and 1/10th the cost!

They're also making a 50 - 175 mm T 2.9 to pair with it which will be the same size.

It feels like it weighs a pound (officially it weighs just over two). You could cary the second lens in a pouch on your hip or over your shoulder and be all set for a day of ENG shooting.

I would have preferred longer zoom range (17-100 mm?) but it would probably be a much heavier lens like their 19-90 or the Canon 17-120.

I use the Canon 17-55 mm quite often for B-roll. Its one of my favorite run n' gun lenses. This one however is parafocal. Its a manual zoom for now, but I was told that Zacuto is working on a motor drive for it.

Cost is ~$3800.