Busy Week!

Normally, August is pretty slow in the Boston area, but I was kept pretty busy this week.

Here I was shooting the Total Store Expo on the 7th.

On the 8th, I was waiting for Steven Tyler to appear. Did we maybe need a little more fog? His new album is country-western(!), and we got to see a sneak preview!

At Welsh's, on the 9th, I got to use my cool Edelkrone SliderPlus to shoot a new kind of product they’re making to be featured on Innovations, a Discovery Channel show. We also shot some interviews.

On the 10th, I shot a professor from Northeastern University for a story about the history of presidential debates to be featured on the New York Times' Retro Report. I’ve worked on several films for them. The rainy day clouds made for a nice, soft key light.

And on the 11th, I had fun with green screens at the Fix Your Funnel convention at the BCEC. I was very glad to be shooting inside of an overly air-conditioned convention center on a day when the heat index was over 100 degrees F outside!

I'm very happy to be heading to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. ;-)