30 Minutes

30 minutes to set up a two camera interview, and make it look good? No problem! 😳

I decided not to do the C-stands and boom arms thing this time, though I've done that in 30 minutes or less too. I just used the available light for the background (we blocked a couple of windows with sheets of cardboard that were in the room). It actually worked out pretty well with that white board.

Helen Grenier is in the yellow jacket. She’s a founder and CTO of Cyphy (the company we were doing the story about). She also cofounded i-Robot. She’s wicked smaht.

The woman in black is Bloomberg correspondent Carol Massar.

I had to light both of them. The C300 (main camera) was on Helen. The 5D mark iii was on Carol. We used the available light from some of the windows, and set up some lights for the subjects. The reporter had to be on the air at 2:00, so we had to get her on the road by 10:30 AM. She left on time.

Their CEO Lance Vanden Brook showed us some new drones they’re working on. We also shot B-roll in their labs.

I’ll try to get a link when it airs.