Photo by  Nikki Bramley , 2013

Photo by Nikki Bramley, 2013

  • JAB Hurricane weatherproof daylight LED. Equivalent to a 500+ Watt HMI light. Perfect for live shots in any weather.
  • 575W Mole and Richardson HMI light kit.
  •  Three 1x1 LED lights with batteries.
  • Two four bank Flo Light flourescent lights with Kino Flow bulbs
  • Arri Softbank 1 kit including two 650-W and one 300-W Fesnel lights, and one 1,000-W open face light.
  • Three 150-W Fresnel lights.
  • Two 250-W Lowel Pro Lights.
  • One 1,000-W Lowel Tota light.
  • Three 600-W Colortran Mini Pro open face lights.
  • Two small and one extra small Chimeras. One large (3’x4’) Photoflex light bank. A focusing grid for each, and speed rings for each kind of light.
  • One 6’ X 6’ Westcott Scrim Jim with ¾ silk and ¾ net, and a 1 stop net, as well as a 4x4 1 stop silk.
  • Three 5 in 1 reflectors, a flag and scrim kit, colored gels, dimmers, and various other lighting and grip gadgets.
  • One boom arm stand.
  • Four C-stands.
  • Two boom arms for C-stands (great for flying lights for two camera interviews).
  • Two Litepanel battery powered LED camera lights.
  • One Anton Bauer Ultralight 2.
  • One 10’ X 12’ green screen.