While shooting some B-roll for Bloomberg TV in the Seaport District this morning, a passerby said to me "I hope your love for photography will keep you warm today!"

Yeah, it kinda does.

Snowmageddon 2017

So much for staying warm at home and watching reruns! I did live shots for NBC News Channel in the blizzard from wonderful Worcester Massachusetts for two days.

Gotta love the Aadyntech JAB Hurricane!

The NBC Nightly News team practicing with their drone for their 2 camera live shot-o-rama for tonight's show. If you look carefully at the garage door, to the left of the shrub, you'll see the white DGI drone. Look for its red lights:

Gear Geek

I get a little excited about fun new gear.

This tiny little thing is the Fujinon 18-55 mm T 2.9 "Cinema" zoom lens. For those of you familiar with their Cabrio lenses, its about 1/3 the size, 1/10th the weight and 1/10th the cost!

They're also making a 50 - 175 mm T 2.9 to pair with it which will be the same size.

It feels like it weighs a pound (officially it weighs just over two). You could cary the second lens in a pouch on your hip or over your shoulder and be all set for a day of ENG shooting.

I would have preferred longer zoom range (17-100 mm?) but it would probably be a much heavier lens like their 19-90 or the Canon 17-120.

I use the Canon 17-55 mm quite often for B-roll. Its one of my favorite run n' gun lenses. This one however is parafocal. Its a manual zoom for now, but I was told that Zacuto is working on a motor drive for it.

Cost is ~$3800.


My version of traveling light. Today, for work in Pittsburgh.


A few years ago I spent several hours in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for a delayed flight. I passed the time taking several silly selfies, including one with this dapper fellow who is still right where I left him. Apparently George Washington is still waiting for his flight home.


The Church Brew Works were an excellent discovery.

Green Screens in 2017

A couple of green screen shoots started off 2017. The top shoot was the first of the year, on the 4th.

The shoot at the bottom was at the Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill, next to Massachusetts General Hospital. Sirens galore!  

Patriots Day

Covered the red carpet premiere of Patriots Day with entertainment reporter extraordinaire Tim Estiloz.

 A couple of pals owning the red carpet.

A couple of pals owning the red carpet.

We interviewed Mark "Marky Mark" Whalberg, Red Sox slugger David "Big Papi" Ortiz, director Peter Berg, and many others! Glamorous!

You'll be able to watch the segment online at Spielon Entertainment soon.

 Sometimes you have to improvise a shot.

Sometimes you have to improvise a shot.

 The always important selfie!   

The always important selfie!


30 Minutes

30 minutes to set up a two camera interview, and make it look good? No problem! 😳

I decided not to do the C-stands and boom arms thing this time, though I've done that in 30 minutes or less too. I just used the available light for the background (we blocked a couple of windows with sheets of cardboard that were in the room). It actually worked out pretty well with that white board.

Helen Grenier is in the yellow jacket. She’s a founder and CTO of Cyphy (the company we were doing the story about). She also cofounded i-Robot. She’s wicked smaht.

The woman in black is Bloomberg correspondent Carol Massar.

I had to light both of them. The C300 (main camera) was on Helen. The 5D mark iii was on Carol. We used the available light from some of the windows, and set up some lights for the subjects. The reporter had to be on the air at 2:00, so we had to get her on the road by 10:30 AM. She left on time.

Their CEO Lance Vanden Brook showed us some new drones they’re working on. We also shot B-roll in their labs.

I’ll try to get a link when it airs.



I did a shoot with Donnie and Marie Osmond, and their nephew David for a kids' show called “Wonderama."

 Bob Conover, George Schak and Kevin Roche setting up for the three camera shoot at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Bob Conover, George Schak and Kevin Roche setting up for the three camera shoot at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

It's an old show, but I guess David is the new host. He was nice. He interviewed his aunt and uncle, and then they sang a song together that David had written. Donnie learned it with David just before we did the shoot. Say what you want about kitchiness, they were all consummate professionals and it was a pleasure to watch them work. Yeah you can quote me on that.  :)


Thanks to Tim at Rule who drilled and tapped an extra screw hole for my Edelkrone slider yesterday, just in time to shoot 8 interviews with it today!

 That's better!

That's better!

For some reason Edelkrone only makes this model with one 3/8" hole in the bottom to mount it on your tripod. It sorely needs a second one (a 1/4" 20) so that it can hold the camera without coming loose from the torque caused by the weight of the camera.